About Us

BalladeArt was founded by Alper Karabak at Tunali Hilmi Caddesi Ertug Pasaji 88/77 in 2012 with the aim of designing personalized jewelry in Ankara. Currently, it operates in the same address in the fields of wholesale and retail sales, mostly personalized orders.

BalladeArt is a workshop where your orders are carefully made by adding and subtracting from a certain art movement, trend or existing models in line with the demands of its customers. At BalladeArt, your jewelry is produced in an original and meticulous way by blending the latest technology machines and tools with the ancient techniques of the Jewelry profession that has been going on for thousands of years. You can entrust your precious stones with peace of mind and turn them into precious jewelry through us. In addition to jewelry production, it is a workshop where it is possible to manufacture ornamental objects made of silver, gold and partially precious stones, various snuff boxes and sacred boxes (Sakal-ı Şerif enclosures, amulet enclosures, etc.). At the same time, it also contributes to the Jewelery profession by accepting talented intern students from the departments of jewelry design, jewelry design, art design, etc. of high school and university equivalent schools.

The jewelry at BalladeArt is made by Alper Karabak and Cansu Karabak. Alper Karabak, a Jewelry Design artist, received basic education on jewelry making in high school and university, grew up in Ankara’s leading jewelry companies and worked as a designer and silksmith, then founded BalladeArt and has been actively practicing his profession with 24 years of professional experience. Alper Karabak is capable of shaping precious stones and metals by synthesizing 3D modeling, silksmithing, partial engraving, relief, stone engraving, gold leaf and gold plating techniques. Cansu Karabak, on the other hand, started her jewelry design adventure at BalladeArt and continues to learn together with Alper Karabak since learning in art is limitless. Cansu Karabak has created her own design line by working differently from Alper Karabak and produces in this direction.

For your contributions, questions and suggestions, please feel free to call us at 05466544666 during working hours, write to info@balladeart.com e-mail address, contact us via WhatsApp or Instagram.