Shaman Drum Silver Ring

A Ring with the Voice of the Spiritual Journey

Used in traditional Shamanism, the shaman drum is an important instrument that guides spiritual experiences and helps to communicate with the spiritual world. The ring adorned with the symbols of this instrument will add a mystical touch to your daily life.

The meaning of the symbols on the ring is in the last photo:

1. Pillar of the Sky: The sacred pole that carries the firmament.
2. The Earth-Sky Line: The steel or rattle between the earth and the sky.
3. Uchmag: The place where the Sky God resides. This is the heaven where the souls of good people ascend.
4. Red Tamu: Hell, where the souls of bad people go.
5. Horses: In the belief of the Sky-God, they are the animals that take the spirits to the heavenly realm.
6. Sungur: Sacred birds that connect the sky and the earth.
7. The fallow deer: In the belief in the Sky-God, animals that can take the shaman to the heavenly realm.
8. Mother Nature: For Turks, nature is sacred and is believed to have a spirit. The three lines symbolize the mountain and the tree above it symbolizes the tree of life.
9. Turkish-Turanian Union: The spirits that help the shaman reach the sky.
10. Sky Realm: The place where Bay-Ülgen sits. The moon, sun and stars are located here.

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