Galadriel’s Ring Nenya


Nenya came to life in our workshop!

Nenya, the legendary Elven Ring in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” universe, is an important ring of power. Its bearer is Galadriel. One of the three Elven Rings, Nenya is also known as the “Ring of Water” or the “Ring of Adamant”. It was made by Celebrimbor from Mithril and Adamant Stone.

Our valued customer expressed his dream to propose to his soul mate with this elegant ring from the Lord of the Rings universe. As fans of the Lord of the Rings, we have carefully crafted this legendary ring Nenya, not with Mithril, but with Rose Gold and Diamonds.

We think that Tolkien fans and lovers of elegant elf jewelry will appreciate this unique design!

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